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Top games in May 2017

The weather is getting warmer and thus there’s less reason to stay in and play video games. Or is there? These are my favorites for May 2017…


A remastered version of the 2006 game with the same name, it seems this a mishmash of Half-Life, Doom, Dead Space and Deus Ex. The coffee looks delicious, too.


Shooter in space? Shut up and take my money! At least that was my first thought. Unfortunately, the final game seems to lack something that even the VR element cannot fully compensate.


Imo the best release of this month. I love puzzle-solving games and Rime is exactly my cup of tea. The visuals are amazing and there’s lots to discover. If you ever played Journey and enjoyed it, this will be a perfect addition to your collection of games.

Another month gone by. How time flies… As usual, the full list of games released in May is found on Gamespot.

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